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The winter season is on peak and people have already started feeling those chills. Earlier, people used to sit in front of the fire for longer to feel that warmth. In the modern era, best room heaters for winter are available in the market. The best room heaters in India keep the rooms and homes cozy and warm. If you are also looking to buying a room heater, then there is no dearth of varieties, colors, and types of room heater. To get proper assistance, you can check the room heater buying guide at an authentic website that offers genuine reviews.

Best Room Heater in India

Before we learn safety measures for using the room heaters, let’s get to know about the different types of heaters, here the list goes-

Convection heaters

Heat transfer oil is filled in convection heater for radiating the heat from an external surface area. The heat regulation can be done via the thermostat. And, the best thing about convection heaters is that they do not require regular cleaning. Also, these heaters do not require refilling. They are considered best room heaters in India for bedrooms and known for their capability to heat up the space quickly.

Ceramic fan-based heaters

These room heaters are a versatile option as they come with diverse fan settings, oscillation, remote control, digital thermostat and more. These heaters are perfect to be used for offices, large rooms, dining areas, living areas, and other big spaces. And, these heaters are best room heaters for winter and ideal to be used for kids and pets than convection heaters.

Radiant and infrared heaters

Radiant heaters are powered by infrared rays, and they offer instant heat. Therefore, they are ideal for those who need direct heat. And, these heaters do not make a sound while working and they are energy-efficient. Some of them come with wooden cabinets that make them perfect to be kept in living and dining areas.

Micathermic panel heaters

These heaters are hybrid in nature as they release 20% direct heat (radiant) and 80% heat is convection. So, they are light in weight and some of them can be mounted on the wall. Micathermic heaters do not emit light and work silently. But, these get hot so these are not recommended if you have kids or pets at home.

Now, you have learned about different types of room heaters, or you might have purchased one. But, how to keep your best room heater best in the winter? Let’s read the following guidelines-

  • Thorough Checkup

Before you start using your room heater, make sure you conduct a thorough inspection. This way you will be able to know whether it is in good condition or not. In case, you find any flaw then you can ask for professional help.

  • Place it wisely

You should place your heater at least 3 or 3 feet away from furniture, beds, blankets, paper or any inflammable material. This will help you keep everything safe by preventing any fire. And, you should keep it away from those areas where many objects have been placed. So, you should place it in the non-inflammable area.

  • Avoid cooking food or drying clothes

Remember that a room heater is best to be used for supplemental heating. So, do not use it for cooking food or drying clothes as it may burn your hand or clothes.

  • Keep it away from access of kids and pets

It is a good idea to use a room heater to make the room cozy and warm. But, you should ensure that kids or pets at home do not touch the heater to avoid any burn, shock, or accident.

  • Keep a check on socket

The socket where you have plugged in your room heater should not be overloaded. Do not plug in any other electric appliance in the same socket. This way you will be able to keep any short circuit at bay.

  • Avoid leaving it unattended

It is true that the best room heater in India offers you warmth in winter, but excess is bad of anything. So, you should not leave it unattended. Before you go to bed, switch it off and unplug it to save you from carbon mono-oxide emission. If you inhale carbon-monoxide in excess, it may cause dizziness, vomiting, headache, weakness and abdominal pain.

  • Replace it if it is too old

It is your responsibility to think about the safety of your family. So, if you feel that your best room heater for winter is no more best, then be a little extravagant and purchase a newer one.

What if your room is too small?

Go for an adjustable wattage knob heater if your room is small in size. According to your room size, you can adjust the knob at a lower wattage. Make sure the insulation is right so that your room gets warm quickly. The low wattage emits less heat but the right insulation keeps the heat within the room. So, save the electricity bill.

Reduce the consumption of electricity

Yes, buddy! Room heater with thermostat is a way toward minimizing electricity consumption. It helps you set the room temperature at a required level that further helps you reduce electricity consumption as it runs on a leveled temperature. It only switches on the power supply once the room temperature drops down.

Wrapping Up

Thus, you got to know about different types of best room heaters in India. So, you can pick the right one according to your specific requirements for home or office. Apart from varieties of room heaters, we also shared safety measures to follow while using room heaters. Thus, with these simple tips, you will be able to maintain the smooth working of room heaters at the same time avoiding several problems. If you want to get any assistance while purchasing or face any problem regarding the working of a room heater, you can contact a reliable review provider online. Keep enjoying the warmest and happiest winter season with the best room heater in India.

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