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Points to remember while buying a juicer

Everybody wants to stay fit and active all day long. But ever wondered how will it happen in this busy schedules? Don’t worry! We have an amazing appliance for you that will work as your personal dietitian. It is none other than an electric juicer. 

A glass of juice can add nutrients of all fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. But the regular visit to the juice retailers can subsequently, add up to your expense. Therefore, preparing juice at your home is both cost-effective and convenient. 

However, with so many brands available in the market may confuse you to select the most suitable one. This buying guide will help you to choose the best juicer machine for home.

Follow the pointers below while going out to buy the best Juicer. 

Price-  Alike many household appliances, you’ll tend to find a correlation between the cost and the quality of the juicer. Many high-end models provide high quality by reducing the waste and keeping the actual nutrients to the juice. However, you can get some of the best affordable juicer 2019 models that are sure to fulfill your basic expectations.
Keep in mind how frequently you are going to use your juicer? If you are making it a part of daily routine, then you can go for high-priced models. Otherwise, the average cost of a juicer will suit your requirements. 

Nutrients- As you are purchasing it with the motive of staying fit and healthy, think how well they retain the nutrients of the juice. Check whether you are getting all the benefits you are seeking or not. 

Cleaning-  You will always get to listen about the complaints with the cleaning of the juicer. Almost every juicer is hard to clean. Even those high-end models are tough to clean. Therefore for easy cleanup, check how many parts does your shortlisted juicer has. The more pieces, the more complex cleaning will be required. So, you can go for any of the best juicer easy to clean. 

Noise- One of the important features that can drive you crazy is the noise of this appliance. Most of the centrifugal juicer is loud and on the other hand, cold press and two-gear juicers are quieter comparatively. For the peace of mind, go for the best selling electric juicer that is specifically designed to be noise-free.

Speed- Low speed juicer produces juice more effectively. Therefore getting high yield juice is a time-consuming task. So, while shortlisting the appliance, think about what is more preferable for you – efficiency or the speed of the appliance. 

Size- Most of the juicer takes up a lot of counter space in your kitchen. Therefore, always make sure about the purchase you are going for. Even the chute size plays an important role in determining a suitable appliance. The smaller the chute, the more chopping will be required. 

Final Thoughts

Depending on your purpose, you can find the juicer more favorable than the other type. You can count well on consuming the tasty juice with your ideal juicer at your home.

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