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All about an air fryer

Most of us have a similar wish of eating more without gaining a single pound. Is it your wish too? Are you also skipping your meals to balance your weight? If yes, weIndia have an amazing kitchen appliance for you that will be your ultimate kitchen partner. It is none other than an air fryer.

An air fryer is the most trending appliance happening in the town and air fryer in India is getting popular day by day. This new gadget has a lot of fancy features to offer.  You might be wondering is it worth buying? What will be the cost of an air fryer? To know more about the value of this amazing product, you should check its benefits that are listed below:

  1. Healthy cooking

As the name suggests, it  offers quick air frying to the customers. But how does frying can be healthy? Don’t worry! This appliance offers healthy and tasty frying to the customers. This frying is absolute oil-free or if you wish you can add just a sprinkle of oil to your food. You can easily do oil-free cooking of your frozen food and much more in this compact and advanced airfryer. 

2.  Versatile cooking

You can do so much with a single appliance. Not only frying, but this appliance can also do baking, roasting and grilling for you as well.  Want to cook something at the last moment? make it with your airfryer. You can reheat your leftovers and can enjoy fresh healthy food anytime. This versatile appliance also comes with a range of dividable baskets. This allows you to cook several delicacies at a single time. You can have almost everything with this single appliance.

3. Quick-cooking

The air frier circulates the air around with the fans and is comparatively smaller in size. Therefore, it cooks the food faster than any oven. Also, the technology used in the appliance is absolutely new and updated. It doesn’t preheat unlike the oven does for good 20-30 minutes. Thus, this appliance saves your time. 

4. Easy operation

One of the most complicated things that occur with any of the new appliances is its operating system. Thus, keeping in mind the customer’s convenience, air frier comes with easy operations. All you need to do is select the temperature and add the ingredients in the basket. Frequent shaking of food is not required. Also, it doesn’t lose much heat. So you can peep into the food while it is getting cooked. 

5. Compact Size

The air fryer is so compact that it can fit into any corner of the room. If you have a small kitchen or you live in PG then this is the most suitable appliance for you. It won’t take much space and is handy as well. So, if you wish to take it to your office for office breaks, you can do it so as well. Thus, it is the best air fryer for your place.  

6. Easy to clean

The difficult task with any of the kitchen appliances is its clean up time. Therefore, air fryer comes with easy to clean features. All you have is a basket and a pan to clean and from which many of them are dishwasher safe. All the parts of the appliance are non-sticky and prevent the food to get stick to the appliance. It will only require a few minutes to wash it properly. 

7. Energy Efficient

This tiny air fryer consumes very little energy for cooking. Less than half of the unit consumes while cooking a proper meal in this modular appliance. Unlike ovens, an air fryer doesn’t produce a lot of heat during the cooking procedure. Even though it doesn’t let the body of the appliance to get hot. Therefore with this single purchase, you are reducing your energy bills as well. 

From these given advantages, you can relate that, is an  air fryer worth buying or not? However, you can find varieties of best air fryer under 5000. If you are going for the purchase of an air fryer then some of the top-selling brands that you can go for are:

  • Havells air fryer
  • Philips air fryer
  • Kenstar air fryer

Final Thoughts

Though the cost of air fryer differs from brand to brand, its uses and features remain remarkable in all the brands. There are numerous best selling air fryers available in the market. Therefore, you have to choose wisely the most suitable air fryer for your home.

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