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How to buy the right kitchen appliance?

Choosing the best kitchen appliance is a tedious task. Your kitchen appliances are one of the important investments you can make for your modular kitchen. It is important to go for the kitchen appliance that assists in making luscious dish, saves your time and equates to the functionality for your lifestyle in the kitchen.

You need to check the appliance from multiple aspects – style, quality, feature, and technology. With several brands, models and features available, it is natural for the buyers to feel intimidated. Also, with technological advances, appliances are made with a myriad of features, from energy-saving to high-end designer to the low-cost models.  

In short, a lot of planning is needed before you make the most optimal choice. Here is a brief guide to buying the best appliances for the kitchen. The tips will guide you through the buying process and help you make the correct decisions.

Things to consider while buying the best kitchen appliances 

To assist you in any sort of decision making, here is our precise guide to choosing the top-selling kitchen appliances for you. Follow the pointers below:

Going to energy-efficient is the best choice you can make while buying the best kitchen appliances in India. Most of the best selling kitchen appliances have been the source of high electricity bills. Though the majority of them are energy-efficient now, always look for appliances with the energy star label. You will get the appliance which performs well as well as save money. 


Stay clear of your requirements with the appliance such as what you want your appliance to do and how well you want it to do before selecting the best appliances for the kitchen. If you want the appliance that performs multiple functions, works well for longer, and is easy-to-clean, you might want to spend a few extra bucks. It will be worth spending extra on a high-quality model that fulfills your expectations.  

3-Layout and design

While going through the functionality, don’t forget to consider the size and how well it will fit in your modular kitchen. For this, you need to scroll through many options you need to purchase. For some, the design is also one of important factors. Narrow down your choices based on the look. Presently, stainless steel is the most popular finish as it is easy to maintain and lasts long. Modern appliances are available in a variety of smooth designs that can completely revamp the look of your kitchen.


Buying the best appliances for modern kitchen is no more expensive. There are thousands of option available today that perfectly fits the budget. Pricing for any appliance ranges widely and honing as per the range which is correct for you will significantly help you narrow down your hunt.

Factors to be considered while buying some of the major Kitchen Appliance

  • Refrigerator

The best refrigerators come with plenty of features today. First of all, you need to think about the size of your family and how often you cook. If you have a big family, you will need more capacity with extra storage or features that maintain the freshness of food for long. 

P.S.: A bigger fridge takes more kitchen space and has higher energy costs. Such refrigerators need regular servicing and maintenance.

  • Oven Toaster Grill (OTG)

Get lip-smacking dishes in minutes with the advanced digital countertop ovens that come with pre-programmed functions. The dishes you make are superior to the one you make using a conventional oven, toaster, griller (OTG). The best oven toaster grill comes in 19, 23 or 48-liter capacities.

  • Dishwasher

Buying the best dishwasher is quite a task in itself. Decide how much capacity do you need or how often you will be using it. Next, look at the size and functions, such as water usage, controls, water heating capabilities, or energy-efficiency.

  • Microwave

The latest and best microwave can be connected to your smartphone via WiFi for more easy access. The microwave comes handy when it comes to reheating. Keep in mind the capacity and space you need. Also, decide whether your microwave will be placed on the countertop, under a cabinet, or over-the-head rack.

  • Rice and Pasta Cooker

Consider the following factors while buying the best rice and pasta cooker – Cooking capacity, Non-stick inner pots, Light indicators, Keep warm/delay features, Digital controls, Reheat cycle, Quick cook function to slash time, Stainless steel pots for durability, Steam trays for sides, Simmer or slow cook functions, Custom measuring cups, Non-scratch serving spoons and ladles and Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

  • Espresso machine

Coffee is the perfect partner for a refreshing day. Espresso machines are usually expensive however if you buy it online you may get some good discounts. It will be worthwhile to go for a reputed brand. But to buy the best espresso machine, it is suggestible to go to the shop and check out the best machine yourself. Consider the following points too –    

  1. Single-serve coffee makers/pod coffee makers are simple to use and easy-to-clean.
  2. Espresso machines give the best quality and variety of coffees, including cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas.
  3. French press and percolators are quite affordable and simple-to-use.

Summing Up

Choosing the best selling kitchen appliances for your home may seem daunting at first but at the end is a rewarding experience. We believe the buying guide will come handy before you venture out to choose the best appliances for your kitchen. With so many options available to buy the best appliances for modern kitchen, it’s significant to understand your needs and budget to select the appliance that eases your lifestyle. 

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