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Amazon Panasonic SR-WA18 E 4.4-Litre Automatic Rice Cooker (White)

Who doesn’t love to eat? And when it comes to rice, more than half of our country is filled with rice lovers. Rice is the main food of the south Indians and has huge popularity in the other regions of the nation as well. But always getting properly cooked rice is a tough task.

What about pasta? This Italian dish has a blend of spices and cream which makes it mouth-watering. Though this dish has a separate fan base among the Indian citizens most of them are still unable to prepare it with that accurate smoothness and stiffness.

So, to enjoy the proper warmth of rice and the delicious taste of pasta you don’t need to search for best electronic pasta cooker in India or best electric rice cooker in India separately. For your problem, there is a single solution i.e. getting an electric rice and pasta cooker at your home. You might be thinking of how you would choose the suitable electric rice and pasta cooker as the market is flooding with diverse brands. Don’t worry; we can help you with that. As here are some of the rice and pasta cooker buying tips for you:

1. Capacity

Before purchasing any rice and pasta cooker, ensure the capacity of the appliance is optimum to your needs. Depending on the size of your family, you can select the most suitable capacity from the different sizes available. There are much best electric rice cooker 0.5litre, best electric rice cooker 1litre and best electric rice cooker 2litre in the market. However, if you have a nuclear family i.e. 4-5 members in the family, then 3 to 5 liters capacity is good for you.

2. Ease of operations

The convenient cooking is possible when there is a single operation button that allows you to operate the appliance easily. All you have to do just add the ingredients in the cooker and push the button to cook for healthy and convenient cooking. Also, there is best electric pasta cooker that has digital control. You can select the appliance according to your convenient operation mode.

3. Automatic warm function

One of the best features of rice and pasta cooker is that they offer an automatic warm function to their users. Once the food is cooked, the appliance will automatically move to the keep warm mode. This allows the food to be warm for around 5 hours after cooking. This feature makes the best rice cooker for travel.

4. Cook and server the appliance

Nowadays considering customer convenience a priority, many brands have a cook and serve feature in their electronic rice cooker. You can cook and serve the food in the same appliance.

5. Warranty period

One of the major elements you should always check before purchasing any kitchen appliance is its warranty period. The longer the warranty period the more authentic and safe will be the product.

Thus, these are some of the key elements one should always keep in mind while going for shopping for an electric a rice and pasta cooker. Before making a final decision, always mind every aspect of the electric rice and pasta cooker. There are many best brands for rice cookers as well as many best electric rice cooker brands and the best electric pasta brands. But you have to choose wisely which model will be in your budget be it best rice cooker under 2000 or 3000.

Some of the best rice cooker brands in India are:

  1. Bajaj
  2. Borosil
  3. Panasonic
  4. Prestige
  5. Usha

These brands have a wide range of electric rice and pasta cooker. Some of them are even in the list of best rice cookers 2019 and some are ranked as best pasta cookers in India.


There are many best electric rice cooker brand and best electric pasta cooker that are flooding in the market. But to choose the best electronic cooker that suits your cooking style is a tough task.  This guide will help you to select the suitable electric rice and pasta cooker for your home according to its features. To know more about the best pasta cooker in India and best rice cooker in India visit K2 Appliance.

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